Apr 4, 2020

New article features David Selby’s radical approach to sustainability education

New Article Examines David Selby’s Radical Approach to Sustainability Education

The December 2019 issue of the Journal of Sustainability Education includes an article by Sue McGregor exploring David’s Selby’s ongoing critique of mainstream education for sustainable development. Titled ‘David Selby’s Radical Approach to Sustainability Education’, Sue reviews David’s canon of authored and co-authored academic articles and book chapters from 2006 to 2017, describing his work as ‘enticing and disconcerting but apropos for these “interesting times”’. His ideas, she concludes, offer ‘challenges to mainstream ESD and how to do things differently - to think out of the box’ and as ‘stimulants for those engaged in political, managerial, educational, civil society and media initiatives intent on deeper education that accommodates transience, contraction, moderation and sustainability’. Fo the article, click here

Full reference: McGregor, S.L.T. 2019. 'David Selby’s Radical Approach to Sustainability Education’, Journal of Sustainability Education, Fall.

For a listing of David’s articles, and his articles with SF colleague, Fumiyo Kagawa, click here


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