Theme Seven: A Multi-dimensional Epistemology for Sustainability Education

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In terms of ways of knowing and learning, sustainability education has not been particularly adventurous. While there has been a rather innovative preoccupation with developing sustainability skills and change competencies through action-oriented education, there has been limited innovation in terms of confronting values issues through role play, drama and other forms of interactive, dialogic and imaginal learning and in terms of fostering earth and soil connectedness through emotional, embodied and somatic learning. Embodied learning in, for instance, the form of contemplative art, theater and dance, and body/mind relational work, remain more or less off the map as far as sustainability learning is concerned. In short, sustainability pedagogy remains under-dimensioned and inadequate as a vehicle for whole person, whole planet learning. Sustainability Frontiers brings a multi-dimensional pedagogy to all its projects, consultancies and other initiatives, and is fully committed to fostering innovative and participative learning approaches that address complex and controversial issues in affirmative and enabling ways. Such learning diversity, we consider, has significant transformative potential. Also informing our approach is an understanding of the pedagogical implications of the Convention of the Rights of the Child with its emphasis on children's participatory rights (giving children a voice in all matters that concern them) and development rights (calling for the cultivation of the richly diverse potentials within each child).

Blue hands ... somatic learning as children work on a mural The intricacy of the web: exploring delicacy and strength as unity of opposites

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