Theme Six: Bio-regional Education

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Under the big tree: elementary school children learn attachment to placeWhile there have been strong local and regional counter-currents to mainstream sustainability education, where it has become prominent, the field has tended to be driven, through funding, exhotation or diktat, by nation state imperatives.  Sustainability Frontiers recognizes the danger of distortion of the sustainability concept when it is driven by a centralized political structure wedded to unbridled economic growth. Rather, it supports the strengthening of regional and local community initiatives for sustainability set within national or international enabling and safeguarding frameworks.  Within regional and local networks and communities, there is a strong experiential case for bioregional education, i.e. education that explores the interconnections between nature and human culture in a geologically cohesive area. University-facilitated partnerships involving schools, non-governmental organizations and community groups might be a particularly fertile approach in this regard. Through academic writing and partnerships in curriculum development, members of Sustainability Frontiers aim to develop and assess the efficacy of bioregional approaches to sustainability education.

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