Theme Two: Emergency Education and Disaster Risk Reduction Education

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Through the cracks: resilience and hope in hard times


The Sustainability Frontiers team is committed to exploring the interfaces between, first, sustainability education, second, disaster risk reduction education and, third,  education in response to emergencies occasioned by conflict and environmental disaster.   Our exploration will be at a theoretical and practical level, and not least in terms of the ubiquitous ‘creeping emergency’ of climate change which will deeply and negatively affect communities and livelihoods as it intensifies and exacerbates disasters and emergencies. Climate change predictions from the scientific community worldwide suggest that, in the foreseeable future, everyone will be in emergency. The work the team undertakes foreshadows such a development by allying sustainability education with disaster risk reduction education and emergency education and bringing them into mainstream education.  Sustainability Frontiers members work with partner organizations in developing learning strategies for mitigating and preventing disaster and for coping with emergencies and trauma, while helping facilitate the development of locally originating curricula and learning and teaching materials that build on indigenous resilience experience and wisdom. The link between disaster risk reduction education and emergency education is of key importance. While symptoms of emergencies are to be addressed as a matter of necessity, the emphasis will be very much on building resilience so as to reduce environmental and social vulnerability. Projects to build resilience and resistance within contexts of political and social oppression, poverty and injustice also come under this theme heading.

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