Internal Working

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The Canadian and UK-based members of Sustainability Frontiers have had a significant history of working together (see How It All Began) and have agreed to collaborate as a whole team or in different smaller combinations on local, regional, national and international projects, consultancies and initiatives at the leading edges of sustainability and global education according to the letter and spirit of seven chosen themes.

In the United Kingdom Sustainability Frontiers is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), no. 7067984, the purposes of which are ‘to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular to undertake educational development work and consultancy for communities in crisis and emergency occasioned by civil conflict or environmental threat, including climate change’.  Membership of Sustainability Frontiers CIC is open to educationalists ‘with a record of practical engagement in global, environmental and sustainability education’.  There are two Founding Directors with responsibility for business and constitutional matters.  For these purposes they occasionally meet as a Board co-opting members as necessary. The two directors and the members (UK-based and Canadian-based) hold a formal Annual General Meeting but also meet virtually, and occasionally actually, on a frequent basis to determine policy, strategy and action directions and to plan and make action decisions.  Meetings can involve all directors and members and have an organization-wide agenda or they can have an initiative-specific focus and involve only those engaged in the initiative in question. Canadian and UK members periodically meet virtually or actually as a national group. Associate members can be invited to meetings but, for formal General Meetings, do not count towards a quorum or have a vote.

The Canadian corporation operates in much the same way, with UK-based members of Sustainability Frontiers being included within the membership.

To all intents and purposes, the present two branches of Sustainability Frontiers operate as a unified group. To those we meet ‘in the field’, we are perceived as representing one organization. We work as one organization.

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