Jim Christophers: Publications (1988-2010)

Jacaranda Blossom

Jim Christophers & Chris Bryan. (2006). ‘Making a difference – A model illuminating the nature of the impact of postgraduate professional development’, CPD Update, 87, 5-7.

Jim Christophers. (1992). Promoting Professional Development via Self-reflection on Personal Practice: A Reflective and Evaluative Case Study. M.Ed dissertation, University of Exeter. 110pp.

Jim Christophers. (1989). ‘What on earth is world studies? – Inducting parents into the process’. In: Sue Grieg, Graham Pike & David Selby. Greenprints for Changing Schools. London: World Wide Fund for Nature/Kogan Page. 107-10

Jim Christophers. (1988). ‘The role of INSET: A personal perspective’. In: Graham Pike & David Selby.  Global Teacher, Global Learner. London: Hodder & Stoughton. 290-2.

Jim Christophers. (1988). Sharing Humanities in Southway [report of the Southway Humanities, 5-16, Project).  Plymouth: Plymouth Teachers Centre. XXpp. 51pp.

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