Bert Tulk: Publications (1999-2011)

Jacaranda Blossom


Bertram Tulk. (2005). Global Schools: A Study of a Site-Based Change Program. EdD Dissertation: OISE/University of Toronto.


Bertram Tulk. (2001). ‘Starting global education: Experience with the global school in Newfoundland and Labrador’. In: Makato Asano & David Selby. (eds). New Century, New Beginnings: Essays in Global Education. Tokyo: Nihon Hyoron Sha. 249-57.


Zhanna Barchuk, Mary Jane Harkins & Bertram Tulk. (2010). ‘Weaving the Threads of Sustainability into the Tapestry of Education: A Transformational Approach to Infusing Critical Elements of Environmental Education into Everyday Teaching Practice’. The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability, 6 (3): 101-110.


Researcher and first draft writer for David Philpott (2007). Getting Back on Track: Report of the Commission on ISSP/Pathways. St. John’s: Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education. 239pp.


Bertram Tulk. (2010). David Hicks & Cathie Holden. (eds). 2007. Teaching the Global Dimension: Key Principles and Effective Practice. In: Journal of Peace Education, 7 (1).

Bertram Tulk. (2005). Char Miller. (2003) The Atlas of U.S. and Canadian Environmental History. In: Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, Fall, 10, 302-303.

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