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Eucalypt Blossom

Members of Sustainability Frontiers are practiced in curriculum development, pedagogical innovation, and institutional transformation in the following interrelated fields:

  • Global education
  • Sustainability-related education
  • Education for all, including life skills education
  • Climate change education
  • Education for peace and social justice
  • Conflict sensitive and peacebuilding education
  • Disaster risk-reduction education
  • Education for resilience-building
  • Environmental education
  • Holistic and environmental ethics and education
  • Holistic health education
  • Humane education
  • Human rights education and education for the rights of the child (including child-friendly learning)
  • Indigenous education

Tree BlossomOur mission and values inform our approach to every engagement as well as our facilitation style, as do the seven themes we have embraced. Our approach gives primacy to dialogic, interactive, experiential and participatory learning.

We are concerned with school age and university education, including teacher pre-service education and continuing professional development.  We also work within non-formal and informal adult and community education, helping to forge dynamic change partnerships between learning institutions and their local and regional communities and networks.

Our range of activities includes:

  • Curriculum development and pedagogical innovation projects
  • Developing, field testing and writing teacher manuals
  • Continuing professional development (including on-site collaborative program development alongside teachers and facilitators)
  • Development and evaluation consultancies, including for institutional transformation initiatives
  • Developing and delivering on-line courses
  • Organizing and facilitating small conferences, summer schools, seminars and workshops
  • Giving conference keynotes and presentation
  • Facilitating field visits
  • Pedagogical and institutional change research projects
  • Writing books, articles and papers
  • Exploring the philosophical and conceptual frontiers of the ‘educations’ listed above

Individuals and learning organizations, institutions and communities are invited to get in touch through the Contact Us page or by sending a message to info@sustainabilityfrontiers.org to discuss ideas and proposals for consultancy, partnerships and contributions to events.

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