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Sustainability Frontiers teams in Canada and the UK are now offering half-day, whole-day, two-day or one week workshops or summer schools exploring practical whole-school approaches to sustainability using a ‘4C’ model [Curriculum, Campus, Community and Culture].  Workshops on whole-university approaches are also on offer!  


The workshop approach to Curriculum shows how to infuse sustainability ideas issues across all subjects.  Ways of bringing sustainability into the science, social sciences, languages, mathematics, creative arts curriculum and other subject areas are explored and demonstrated, as are interdisciplinary approaches.  Under this heading, participants will also receive direct experience through engagement in workshop activities of what sustainability learning and teaching looks like and why interactive and experiential learning are important in the sustainability classroom.

In terms of Campus, the facilitators demonstrate how apply sustainability to the operation of the school (or university), its grounds and general operation; for example, minimizing waste and recycling, energy usage reduction, careful use of water, greening the school landscape, shared car travel to school.  Ways of linking such endeavors to curriculum are demonstrated (students undertaking projects and investigations into efforts to enhance the sustainability of the campus; graphing institutional energy usage over time in mathematics; energy reduction research and landscape greening projects in science).

The workshop also applies sustainability to school/community relations.  For schools, case studies of parents and other community members helping with campus projects and bringing their experience and expertise to sustainability lessons are offered as are case studies of students, teachers, parents, other community members becoming partners in sustainability projects out in the community (projects also picked up for study through the lenses of various curriculum areas).  For universities, sustainability partnerships/networking/action research with the university at the core are examined.

By Culture is meant the institutional culture of the school (or university), and the Sustainability Frontiers team shows how applying sustainability principles to the school (or university) can transform the institutional profile and ethos, levels of inclusiveness and participation, decision making processes and so on.  Again, aspects of institutional change will be shown as a ripe area for student action research.

Throughout the workshop, beneficial synergies arising from school/university engagement with each of the ‘4Cs’ are highlighted.

Teachers and administrators can expect to leave the workshop with lots of practical ideas for action and lots of resources.  The lively style of the workshop will inspire enthusiasm for the sustainability school/university as well as innovative teaching.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please write to or call Bert Tulk (Canada) on +1-902-424-7765 or David Selby (UK) on +44-(0)1395-577796

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