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Sustainability Frontiers members can facilitate workshops on a range of themes and issues falling within the fields listed in the What we offer page. A sample of workshops given by members are listed below:

  • Towards the sustainability university
  • Embedding sustainability across the curriculum
  • Embedding sustainability in the learning process
  • Toward the darker green learning community: Making education for sustainability sustainable
  • A four-dimensional model of global education
  • Global education and the learning process
  • Global education in the classroom
  • Evaluating and assessing global and sustainability education
  • Teaching global justice in the cooperative classroom
  • Teaching global justice – making curriculum connections
  • What is the essence of global education?
  • Radical interconnectedness: Implications for the learning process
  • Envisioning the peace-promoting school and community
  • Approaching conflict resolution using drama – a global justice approach
  • Engaging as world citizens in our communities
  • The power of music and activism
  • The voice of the artifact in a time of artifice
  • Environmental ethics and education
  • The eco-school
  • Entanglements and enfoldments: Exploring the interface between environmental and global education
  • Humane education; goals, scope and processes
  • The earthkind classroom: Towards a sea-change in human and other-than-human relationships
  • Media literacy education and cross-cultural education
  • Global education: Changing learning, changing the way we go about changing
  • Participatory and child-friendly learning
  • Holistic change and environmental leadership
  • Child-friendly schooling for peacebuilding
  • Climate change, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding: An holistic approach to resilience building


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