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Sue McGregor

Professor Sue L.T. McGregor is a Canadian home economist (40 years) and consumer educator. She is the inaugural Doctoral Program Coordinator in the Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University, Nova Scotia Canada, and served a three-year term as the Director of Graduate Education. For seven years, she was the Coordinator of the Peace and Conflict Studies Program. Her intellectual scholarship pushes the boundaries of consumer studies and of home economics philosophy and leadership from integral, trans-disciplinary, transformative and moral imperatives.

She was a public school home economics teacher for five years before joining the higher education sector. In 2009, she was awarded the TOPACE International Award for her distinguished consumer scholarship and teaching at the Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN) conference in Berlin. This award recognized the trans-disciplinary and consumer citizenship education orientation of her scholarship. She is a member of the newly constituted Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) (2010) (, a past member of CCN, and an Advisor to the Consumers in the Society for Consumer Citizenship Project with the Japanese Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) (2010).

Sue is affiliated with 20 professional journals and is a long-standing Board member of the International Journal of Consumer Studies. She is Associate Editor of three journals, including the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences and the newly launched Transdisciplinary Journal of Engineering and Science. She has delivered over 35 keynotes/invited talks in 10 countries, has over 120 peer-reviewed publications, 11 book chapters, and five monographs. She published Transformative Practice (2006) and her new book, Consumer Moral Leadership, was published in May 2010 (Sense Publishers, Rotterdam).

Over the last 13 years, Sue has engaged with the notion of sustainability from several perspectives. She teaches intensive summer institute courses on building peace in a consumer society, incorporating notions of global consumer citizenship, human and consumer rights and human/consumer responsibilities, and peace education. She published a book chapter on reframing consumer education through social learning theory as a means to contribute to education for sustainable development (2007). She also published a chapter in the International Federation for Home Economics (IFHE) e-book on global sustainable development (2008), and has been invited to submit a new contribution for the 2011 version. Her chapter focuses on the stages of consumer moral adulthood and its impact on sustainability.

In 2010, Sue published a chapter in a book titled Towards a Critical Pedagogy of Consumption. Her chapter shared an overview of 20 years of conceptual evolution of consumer education towards a site of political resistance. She has also self-published a monograph on the same topic, extending the analysis to 50 years (2010).  She has published some 15 journal articles on globalizing and humanizing consumer education, sustainable consumer empowerment through critical consumer education, sustainable development through authentic consumer pedagogy, and understanding consumers’ moral consciousness. These documents, and an updated CV, are available at her website

Sue is an avid walker and reader, loves sitting around the outside fire pit with wine and friends, and loves to spend time on their boat with her husband of 37 years, Peter.