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Sustainability Frontiers members can offer actual and virtual presentations on a range of themes and issues falling within the educational fields listed in the What we offer page. A sample of lectures and keynotes given by members are listed below:

• As the heating happens: Education for sustainable development or education for sustainable contraction?
• Creating a culture of peace in school and community
• Towards the child-friendly classroom: Enriching the curriculum; enhancing the learning quality
• Teaching and learning life skills: The international experience
• The need for climate change in education
• Person/planet: Towards holistic environmental education
• The signature of the whole: Radical interconnectedness in environmental and global education
• Climate change, disaster risk reduction and peacebuilding: An holistic approach to resilience building
• Embedding climate justice education in school learning
• Climate change: Living and learning in interesting times
• Climate justice: Education for sustainable development and new national strategy
• Stretching curricular time: An integrated approach to disaster risk reduction and climate change education
• Transformative and transgressive learning for a world in deep trouble
• Archipelagos of learning: Environmental education on islands