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Seminars & Workshops

Sustainability Frontiers members can facilitate seminars on a range of themes and issues falling within the fields listed in the what we offer page. A sample of seminars given by members are listed below:

  • Teaching and learning for sustainability
  • The challenge of sustainability
  • Embedding sustainability in the higher education curriculum
  • Global education in a global context
  • Global connections in the classroom
  • Characteristics of the global teacher
  • Cultivating the global school
  • Development education and education for development
  • Teaching for social and environmental justice – curriculum-based ideas
  • Teaching for peace through controversial issues
  • Connecting spirit and matter in a greater-than-human epistemology
  • Global justice in the classroom
  • Gender equity in the classroom
  • Conflict resolution and meditation
  • The spirit of the dance – education as induction to nature-culture
  • The cross-cultural implications of deinstitutionalizing education
  • Education and the rights of the child
  • Teaching and learning with a futures focus