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‘Go out on a limb… That’s where the blossom grows’ – Tom Forsyth, Isle of Eigg, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

We go out on a limb by embracing the intrinsic value and right to exist of other-than-human and natural environments, by calling for education that is embedded in a planetary ethic of peace, environmental and social justice, and is restorative and celebratory of local and indigenous communities and cultures. We are particularly concerned with climate change education, education in response to civil and environmental emergencies, bio-centric and bioregional education, and taking sustainability education where it has rarely gone by also addressing the rich panoply of other-than-cognitive potentials in the learner.

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Sustainability Frontiers is an international alliance of sustainability and global educators seeking transformation of the human condition through repaired and restored earth connection. We are concerned with formal, non-formal and informal education that addresses the current confluence of threats to the environment and to human society globally. We call for education that questions and offers alternatives to dominant assumptions and current orthodoxies such as the myth of unending progress built on economic growth, human separateness from nature, and reliance on policy, technical and market solutions to global problems.

Sustainability Frontiers has made a significant contribution to each of its chosen fields. Its books, book chapters, articles and technical reports have been influential in pushing out the borders of theoretical and practical understanding.

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