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Gillian Judson

Gillian Judson has a BA from the University of Victoria, B.C., and an MA and PhD from Simon Fraser University in B.C., Canada.  She is currently a long-term lecturer at Simon Fraser University and one of the directors of the Imaginative Education Research Group (IERG).

Her research is primarily concerned with sustainability and how an ecologically sensitive and imaginative approach to education can both increase students’ engagement with, and understanding of, the usual content of the curriculum but can show it in a light that can lead to a sophisticated ecological consciousness. She is author of the book A New Approach to Ecological Education:  Engaging Students’ Imaginations in Their World (New York:  Peter Lang; 2010) and editor of the book Teaching 360: Effective learning through the imagination (Rotterdam: Sense Publishing, 2008). To learn more about theoretical and practical dimensions of Imaginative Ecological Education (IEE) visit  Her research interests also include teacher education, professional development, and social studies education.