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Pacific Multi-country Study on Climate Change Impacts on Education Systems and of System Responses

by | 2nd January 2024

Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby are undertaking a 2023-2024 UNICEF Pacific multi-country study that explores the nexus between climate change, environmental degradation, disasters and education systems. The countries covered in the Pacific island region are: Fiji, Kiribati, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

The overall aims of the study are to examine:

  • Present and looming risks, impacts, and repercussions of climate breakdown, environmental degradation and climate and environment-induced disasters on education systems in five selected countries in the region
  • Education system responses to climate change and environmental degradation, exploring key education components and their interrelationship
  • Perceptions of education sector key stakeholders with respect to present and future directions of travel in addressing system-wide impacts of climate breakdown and environmental degradation.

 The research methodology includes a desk-based literature review, as well as individual and focus group interviews with key stakeholders and informants in the field and from a distance.

Fumiyo conducted field-based research in Solomon Islands and FSM in May and November 2023 respectively.  Consultations with key stakeholders in the other three countries are to take place in early 2024, followed by country-specific analysis reports as well as a regional synthesis report.