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Belfast Centre for Global Education 5th Annual Conference, Learning for Change, Dublin, Ireland

by | 11th March 2010

David Selby delivered the keynote speech at the 5th annual conference of the Belfast-based Centre for Global Education to be held at the Camden Court Hotel, Dublin on 11 March 2010. His keynote title and blurb are as follows:


Transformative Learning in Interesting Times:Thoughts from a Darkened Corner

The fields of global education, education for sustainable development, education for sustainability and other related fields are concerned with addressing the confluence of social and environmental crises faced by human society, as threat and uncertainty loom ever larger in our lives. Their agenda is about developing understanding, skills and dispositions in learners so they are equipped for proactive change agency and change advocacy. But, does the agenda match with the actual crisis in the human condition or, if we were to look in corners we avoid, do we arrive at a radically different agenda that readies the learner for the real crises and transformative potentials of our time?  What, then, does learning for change look like?

The conference formed part of the Building Capacity in Development Education In Ireland Project funded by Irish Aid and focused on the nature of effective leaning for active global citizenship.

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