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July – August 2010: World Environment and Peace Summer School, Jeju Island, Korea (July 26, 2010)

by | 10th August 2010

Fumiyo Kagawa delivered a series of three presentations on Climate Change and Education within the Environment and Climate Change Studies of World Environment Leadership Track of the 4th World Environment and Peace Summer School (WEPSS), Jeju Island, South Korea. The titles of her three presentations were: Emerging Challenges for EducationClimate Justice EducationDespair to Empowerment and Action.


She was one of 35 Korean and international lecturers invited to WEPSS hosted by Jeju National University. The majority of the participants were students from Korean and Japanese universities.

This year WEPSS also had Geology Park, National Heritage and Ecology Studies within the World Environment and Leadership Track and three courses (i.e. Architecture, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Leadership; Peace Education and Governance; Human Rights, International Relations and Law) within the Cultural Heritage Tourism and Economy Leadership Track.

Fumiyo also spoke at the10th Peace Island Bulteok Forum: Encounter of World Environment and Cultures of Peace in the 21st Century as part of WEPSS on 30 July. Presentation title: Transformative Climate Change Education in Interesting Times.

Jeju Island was declared a World Peace Island by the government of South Korea in January 2005, the program being supported by The World Association for Island Studies, The World Environment and Island Institute and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province.