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Two SF members in Iran (July 2010)

by | 31st August 2010

In July 2010 Wendy Agnew and Lidra Remacka of Sustainability Frontiers visited the Shahid Mahdavi Educational Complex, Teheran, Iran, to induct 300 women teachers into the Montessori way of learning.


They covered six aspects of guidance: language, arithmetic, culture (including history, geography, science, zoology, botany, music, and art), sensorial exploration, the creation of materials from natural sources, and practical life exercises that form the basis of Montessori primary curriculum. Lidra delivered an art-based workshop using local materials and Wendy delivered lectures and workshops modeling a systems approach that embraces what Montessori termed “Cosmic Education.”

Please contract Wendy Agnew [email protected] for further information to find out more about the initiative.