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Conversing with the Earth Workshop

by | 29th November 2011

Conversing with the Earth: The Cre-ative Muse Workshop at the 8th International Conference for Holistic Learning


Wendy Agnew facilitated a workshop for teacher educators, Conversing with the Earth: The Cre-ative Muse, at the 8th International Conference for Holistic Learning: Reconnecting with the Wisdom of the Earth – Transforming Spaces for Self and Community.  Jointly sponsored by the University of Waterloo, Ontario and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto, the conference took place at the Geneva Park Conference Centre, Lake Couchiching, Ontario.  Wendy writes:

The Cre-active Muse:

We live in a world of screams – of mountains, forests, species, media, even our oceans are screaming. It behooves us to learn to whisper and to listen to the whispers of the animate earth that formed us.

The cre-active muse can be accessed – but there are tasks – as in the tales of old – through which we may reawaken our slumbering eco-sensitivity. This work respects the internal wisdom of people to iterate the reticulate ways of stream and field in politics, society, education and economics. The first steps are mindful immersion in nature; quieting the interminable static of internal noise; and opening to embodied intelligence upon which consciousness rests.  Participants created a non-verbal collaboration using sensorial stimuli to access intuitive responses often devalued in post-industrial paradigms

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