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SF team present Green Teacher Webinar, 8 March 2012

by | 15th March 2012

Sustainability Frontiers Green Teacher Webinar, Deep Climate Change Education: Learning and Teaching for Personal and Social Transformation


On Thursday 8 March 2012, Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby presented a Webinar in the much-heralded Winter 2011-2012 Green Teacher Webinar Series.

Building on their Fall 2011 article in Green Teacher, Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby critiqued mainstream manifestations of climate change education as a shallow and insufficient response to the global and human condition.   They offered an elaboration of ‘deep climate change education’ that examines values issues, explores the dynamics of climate change avoidance and denial, investigates the complicity of economic growth in fomenting climate change while cultivating intimacy with nature, an ethic of denizenship, and commitment to global climate justice.  The links between climate change education, sustainability education and disaster risk reduction education were explored, deep climate change education being exemplified through descriptions of practical activities.  The event was for both formal and non-formal youth educators.

154 people registered for the webinar.  Participants were mainly from Canada and the USA but Australia, Puerto Rica and the United Kingdom were also represented.

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Free access to the webinar archive is available until April 9, 2012.  The URL and password for viewing the archive up until then is as follows:

Name: Green Teacher Learning – 03/08/2012 19:41
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