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Forthcoming JESD special issue article

by | 16th July 2012

Article in special issue of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (JESD)


The September 2012 number of the Journal of Education for Sustainable Development (vol.6, no.2) will be a special issue on ‘The educational response to the three Rio Conventions’.  A collaboration between the journal and UNESCO, the issue aims to demonstrate the potential of education for sustainable development in enhancing the educational, learning and communication aspects of the three Rio Conventions and meeting capacity building needs so as to address the challenges of climate change, desertification and biodiversity loss through formal, non-formal and informal learning activities.

The collection will include an article by Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby.  Title:  ‘Ready for the Storm: Education for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation’.

For the article abstract click here.