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Texas State University Global Citizenship Workshop

by | 7th May 2013

David Selby virtual guest speaker, Texas State University Global Citizenship Workshop, 14-15 May 2013


David Selby will be a virtual guest speaker at the Preparing Students for Socially Responsible Global Citizenship Workshop organized by the Office of Academic Development and Assessment at Texas State University-San Marcos for 14-15 May 2013. The workshop will be attended by some thirty faculty and lecturers interested in embedding global citizenship into their courses and is part of `Texas State efforts to internationalize the curriculum according to the 2012-2017 University Strategic Plan. It will include discussion of articles, a student panel, strategy dialog, ideas exchanges and development of course projects and activities, as well as interventions from guest speakers.

David will offer a rationale for globalizing programs, the importance of preparing students for globally responsive citizenship, and the mission, values and work of Sustainability Frontiers.