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World as ‘Lasting Storm’ Article and 8 November Webinar

by | 1st October 2013

David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa’s article, ‘World as “Lasting Storm”: Educating for Disaster Risk Reduction’ appears in the Summer 2013 number – the 100th number – of Green Teacher.  The article briefly overviews the field of disaster risk reduction education (DRRE) before going on to explore five interrelated dimensions of DRR curriculum, learning and teaching:


•    Understanding the Science and Mechanisms of Natural Disasters
•    Learning and Practicing Safety Measures and Procedures
•    Understanding Risk Drivers and How Hazards Can Become Disasters
•    Building Community Risk Reduction Capacity
•    Building an Institutional and Community-wide Culture of Safety and Resilience

The article includes brief case study examples and illustrative photographs.  It ends with a short exploration of how DRRE fits within the landscape of environmental education followed by descriptions of six learning activities (grades 5-12).

Tim Grant Green Teacher editor writes of David and Fumiyo in his editorial:

‘Cognizant that many educators avoid disparaging themes, these two innovators present a framework for “pro-active engagement” of young people, offering a means to move beyond despair and towards a more hopeful future.  There are few educators in the English-speaking world whose activities can move students along this continuum so effectively’ (p.2).

To read the article, click here. For the article abstract, click here.

As a follow-up, why not join the Green Teacher webinar to be presented by David and Fumiyo at the rescheduled date and time of 8 November 2013, 7.00-8.00pm Eastern Standard Time?

Webinar description:

Building on their Summer 2013 article in Green Teacher, David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa of Sustainability Frontiers will map out the curriculum, learning and teaching implications of preparing children and youth for an increasingly disaster-prone world.  They will present practical ideas and case study vignettes of noteworthy disaster risk reduction (DRR) school and school-in-community practice characterized by child/youth participation and leadership.  They will indicate ways in which schools can evolve into DRR learning organizations at the hub of a local DRR learning community.  They will also explore the interface between environmental education and disaster risk reduction education.
For more details and to register (for free), click here.