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New Disaster Risk Reduction Handbook for Teachers!

by | 15th October 2015

The published output of a 16-country Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) Research and Development Project, this beautifully designed 210-page handbook written by David Selby and Fumiyo Kagawa is now available electronically.


The five introductory sections give guidance on how to use the toolkit, explain key ideas in disaster risk reduction, lay out what the authors see as the five dimensions of disaster risk education, show how disaster risk reduction can be incorporated across the school curriculum, and give practical guidance on learning and teaching approaches. There follows a 140-page section containing a wide range of primary and secondary level learning activities with sub-sections of: introductory and awareness-raising activities, activities for disaster preparedness and risk reduction (covering climatological, geo-seismic and human-induced hazards), climate change activities, activities for resilience building, and activities for post-disaster contexts. The toolkit ends with sections on student assessment, resource lists on other practical guides and on sources of disaster risk information for the teacher, and, finally, a collection of PowerPoint slides to use with the activities.

For the Toolkit, click here

For the CDEMA project, click here