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Pakistan Consultancy Extension, July/August 2016

by | 26th July 2016

As an extension of the Sustainability Frontiers consultancy for HOPE’87 (click here for details), Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby have been invited to review the Pakistan School Based Disaster Management Framework developed by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Pakistan.


The work is taking place between 21 July and 31 August 2016. Their task is to vet, upgrade, extend and refine the document, providing new copy for consideration at an NDMA national workshop on 8/9 August, after which they will further amend the document in the light of feedback received. In developing the Framework further, they will:

  • Clarify, elaborate and concretize concepts and ideas in the document
  • Ensure appropriate cross-referencing and inter-linking of what is discussed in different sections of the document
  • Develop further linkages between what is proposed in the Framework and each of the three pillars of the Comprehensive School Safety Framework (Safe Learning Facilities, School Disaster Management, Risk Reduction and Resilience Education), especially strengthening the curricular and pedagogical aspects of the Education pillar
  • Include full coverage of School Based and Community Based Disaster Risk Management in the document
  • Develop and design reader-friendly illustrative graphics.

The final document will be submitted to NDMA for end-August.