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UNICEF Moldova Inclusive Education Consultancy

by | 28th November 2016

UNICEF Moldova Inclusive Education Consultancy, November 2016 to December 2017


Bert Tulk, Sustainability Frontiers, Canada is undertaking a consultancy for UNICEF to support the transition towards inclusive education in the Republic of Moldova. Specifically, a concept note and guidelines will be developed to ensure access and participation of children with severe disabilities and sensorial disabilities within the context of inclusive education.

The inclusion of children with disabilities in regular schools has been a priority in Moldova since 2010, following a Ministry of Education order to ‘all the schools to open the doors for children with disabilities’. Despite significant progress for inclusion of children with special educational needs (mild disabilities), those with severe and/or sensorial disabilities remain largely excluded from education.

The objectives of the assignment are to:

  • Develop the concept note and guidelines for education of children with severe disabilities and children with sensorial disabilities in the Republic of Moldova; and
  • Provide guidance to the Republican Centre for Psycho-pedagogical Assistance (RCPA) and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova on promoting inclusion of children with sensorial disabilities in regular educational institutions.

Bert will conduct research on international best practice in inclusion, consult and collaborate with experts from Moldova (including through two in-country visits), facilitate monthly online sessions and ‘prepare a final report on activities and recommendations for future action for the promotion of inclusive education of children with sensorial disabilities’.

Initial activity will involve surveying and reporting on current good international practice in inclusive education and conducting a situational analysis of the delivery of education for children with severe disabilities and sensorial disabilities in Moldova. An extensive consultative process engaging relevant stakeholders will characterize the assignment, with the initial in-country visit scheduled for late-January 2017. A second visit is tentatively planned for April, at which time a draft concept paper and guidelines will be presented for validation. The promotion of inclusive education will continue through 2017, culminating in a final report to UNICEF.

The consultancy began in November 2016 and will conclude in December 2017.