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ESD International Symposium, Tokyo

by | 7th November 2017

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) International Symposium: Prospects and Ongoing Challenges of Regional Revitalization Based on ESD,  11-12 November 2017, Rikkyo University, Tokyo


Fumiyo Kagawa will be speaking at the ESD International Symposium, 11-12 November 2017, to be held at Rikkyo University, Tokyo, Japan. The Symposium will explore experiences and lessons learned in regional revitalisation efforts through ESD in seven countries from Asia and Europe: Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and United Kingdom.

Fumiyo’s speech is titled: ‘Regional Revitalization’ through Sustainability Education: Insights from the UK Experience. After discussing relevant UK regional regeneration policies, she will describe and analyze case studies of noteworthy practice from Scotland and England of sustainable regional revitalization with a strong learning dimention.

Her paper will subsequently be made available on the Sustainability Frontiers website.

For details (in Japanese), click here.