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FRESH Health, Personal and Social Development Education Webinar, 16 July 2018

by | 19th July 2018

FRESH Webinar – Health, Personal and Social Development Education and Learning: the Possibilities, the Pitfalls & the Practical, 16 July 2018


David Selby participated in the above international webinar of the FRESH Working Group on Health Literacy, Life Skills and Social Inclusion. FRESH is a collaboration involving four UN agencies and several international NGOs working in the fields of education, health and development. The Working Group was established to develop advice on how global agencies and jurisdictions can address the challenges involved in promoting knowledge, skills and attitudes on a wide variety of education, health and social issues within core curriculum/programs to promote health and personal development (HPSD). It seeks to identify feasible minimum learning outputs in school systems in three different contexts: high resource, low resource and conflict/disaster affected. It emphases country definition of issues most relevant to their students’ needs and is concerned with estimating the amount of curricular time available for HPSD to which can be added co-cirricular and extra-curricular learning opportunities.

David Selby presented the lessons learned by Sustainability Frontiers in combining classroom-based learning across the curriculum on disaster risk reduction with campus-based action learning and active engagement in learning in and with the community, making the point that determining time available becomes problematic when employing such a diffused and holistic approach. David discussed models developed for the SF approach and described examples of the combined curriculum/campus/community approach from Vietnam, the Solomon Islands, France, Sierra Leone, and several Asian countries. The recorded webinar and PowerPoint set, Stretching Curricular Time: An Integrated Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Education, is shortly to be made available on the FRESH website. Some 28 educators from around the world attended the webinar.

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