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GPE Consultancy on Building a Framework for Climate-Smart Education Systems

by | 18th March 2023

From May to November 2022 Fumiyo Kagawa working with David Selby provided technical support to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Secretariat’s work on climate change and education, focusing on the development of a conceptual framework for ‘climate-smart education systems’.

GPE  is the world’s largest global fund dedicated to providing quality education to children in lower-income countries around the world.  

As of April 2023, GPE supports 88 countries.  

The consultancy work started by developing a brief paper articulating a working definition of ‘climate-smart education systems’. The paper was shared among participants at a 3-day conference on climate change and education held at Wilton Park, Sussex, UK, in June 2022. 

Building on UNICEF South Asia commissioned research on the impact of and response to climate change across education systems, published as the Heat is On! series and following an extensive literature search and desk-based review, a draft framework paper was written.  The draft paper went through a peer-review process in October 2022 and was finalized and submitted to the GPE Secretariat in November 2022  

To access the GPE commissioned paper, Quality Education with the Planet in Mind: Towards a Climate-Responsive and Nature-Positive Framework for the Education System of Lower Income Countries, written by Fumiyo Kagawa and David Selby, click here

Their GPE commissioned paper significantly informs the GPE working paper, Toward Climate-Smart Education Systems: A 7-Dimension Framework for Action.  The working paper is now available in both English and French versions. To access the GPE paper, click here.